I won something!

Janet Reid has been running a flash fiction contest for a few weeks, and gave my piece ‘Special recognition for a GREAT line’.  It was inspired by my first novel, where my creativity almost perished in the swampy middle.  Here it is:

It was dark, of course; monsters like the dark. An eldritch screech from behind us tore through my paper-thin nerve.

“Quick, Jenkins,” I cried. “Use the literary flare!”

I turned my back to avoid the light’s blinding centre. My shadow stretched before me, and on either side was purple. Purple everywhere, like the blooming of some ungodly heather. And there it was, right in front of us. The most beautiful thing I had ever seen: The End.

“Glory awaits!” I shouted in triumph, rushing forward.

The flare clattered to the ground.


You should never underestimate the dreaded Midbook.

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2 Responses to I won something!

  1. Mountain King says:

    i dont understand why it is grate is it some funy word for a magnesum fleer

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