Writing when I’m tired

I am pretty reluctant to write when I’m tired, because I’m afraid that it will turn out sub-par. Also, while my ability to spot mistakes when reading is pretty good, my ability to spot mistakes as I write nosedives when I get sleepy. I end up mistakenly typing similar sounding words in place of each other, as if my brain says the right sound in my head but my fingers don’t translate it properly. There’s also an issue with longer pieces that I have to load all the information I need into my head before I start writing. This is an energy intensive process for me, which probably explains why I’m so bad at multitasking.

So in general, I tend to feel that when my eyelids start drooping I should just give up. Except, of course, if it’s writing for work. In that case I just have to push through because, one way or another, it has to get done. And when I’ve done that, I’ve often had surprisingly good results. As long as it’s not pushed to an extreme (yes proposal I was writing two weeks ago, I’m talking about you) then my brain can just get it done, if the alternative is me failing to do something important. Unfortunately, if the alternative is me failing to work on my hobby and watching Ice Road Truckers instead (don’t judge me), then I’m significantly less good at forcing myself into action.

Given all of this, I’ve decided that I should just try to write a little every day, even if I really don’t feel like it. You, the reader, get the benefit of this. Or possibly I will just hurl my words out onto the wild wastes of the internet, into the howling vortex of anonymity. That would be good too.

Now what should I work on for my next post? Purple unicorns playing ice hockey using rocket packs? My brain says… yes.

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