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Film review: Interstellar

I was planning to only review Empire’s 25 worst films, but I saw this last night and it fitted in so well I decided to toss it in. Christopher Nolan has made some very good films, for example Inception (though … Continue reading

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Inspired by the tenth hour of marking

Students always make me sad. I know they try hard, but they do. Panic makes them start to pad, and make up stuff that isn’t true. Like dying cells that start to bleb they give off streams of useless words. … Continue reading

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I should probably have posted this yesterday…

but by my standards, it’s pretty current. I’m not actually in London, I’m in Paris (yesterday’s post was written a couple of weeks ago, though really it could have been any time in the last six months). Yesterday, gunmen killed … Continue reading

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On the occasion of staff shortages at London Bridge station

Dear Southern, I can understand that trains aren’t quite your thing,                             They’re just a touch bourgeois for high-class people such as you.                                              I guess below-the-bedrock rankings somewhat lose their sting,                                               If you award yourself a pay rise as your dupes … Continue reading

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