On the occasion of staff shortages at London Bridge station

Dear Southern, I can understand that trains aren’t quite your thing,                             They’re just a touch bourgeois for high-class people such as you.                                              I guess below-the-bedrock rankings somewhat lose their sting,                                               If you award yourself a pay rise as your dupes all sit and stew.

So pat each other on the back, go play a round of golf,                                                       While I’m pacing up and down the platform, waiting for the train.                                       And as your CEO – wait, what’s his name again? Adolf?                                                          As he tees off, I can only hope you’re all caught in the rain.

But he’s worked so hard, I hear them cry, to make sure we only fail                                          As much as we do now. It could be worse. They could put us all in jail!                                    And then there would be trains no more,                                                                                     I’d just have to stay at home,                                                                                                 Lounging around in pajamas till four,                                                                                       Not something I could condone.                                                                                                    So give him a bonus, give him a plaque, redesign his office with Zen,                                 Give him free tickets, give him a car, give him a fountain pen.                                              The new year comes, and it will bring a newer, better farce.                                                     In my dreams, I’m taking SouthWest, and I’m travelling first class.

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2 Responses to On the occasion of staff shortages at London Bridge station

  1. Tremaine says:

    I feel your pain. Southern are being really useless. Apparently the reason they were so sorry staffed before Christmas was because they had sent the majority of their drivers off to a course. Now they just don’t have that excuse.

    What is with the new London Bridge layout too?!

    I do feel a slight (twinge only) of sympathy. They are trying to run a full service from only 3 lines instead of the normal 6,hence all the delays and congestion. This sympathy is fast running out though as they seem incapable of passing out any information about what is going on.

    The delays have been excessive, and I’m really getting fed up of the broken down train (don’t they have any preventative maintenance?) or lack of drivers (do they understand the concept of redundancy? And no I don’t mean firing people).

    Boris is going to talk to them tomorrow apparently, so nothing is going to be sorted out in the near future!


  2. sjrosenstein says:

    Though sending so many drivers on a course that you can’t run your trains is pretty poor too! Perhaps they all simultaneously forgot how to drive a train? It’s the only reason I can think of.

    I do also appreciate it must be really hard, but a major issue is they’re trying to run a normal service rather than a reduced service, I guess to avoid fines. I would far rather go down to 3 trains an hour and have them run reliably on time than the 2-5 trains an hour we get now.

    I know I’m preaching to the choir. But hey, what else is a blog for? At least we know we have Boris using is hair power on them.


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