I should probably have posted this yesterday…

but by my standards, it’s pretty current.

I’m not actually in London, I’m in Paris (yesterday’s post was written a couple of weeks ago, though really it could have been any time in the last six months).

Yesterday, gunmen killed twelve journalists a few miles north from where I was sitting listening to data analysis talks. Today we all had to show our passports to get into the conference.

Hearing about the shootings actually made me feel a lot more calm. I screwed up pretty much every organisational aspect of the trip that was up to me, and arrived feeling guilty and miserable at being so scatterbrained. Realising that on a scale of terrible things that went up to these shootings my stuff wouldn’t even register put that right into perspective.

I didn’t even bring a map, and when I came out of the metro station I realised I had no idea where my hotel was. I took a guess at a direction and then asked people on the street. When I got really confused, someone stopped to ask if I was lost and put me right. That was before, of course. But nothing changed. People are still on the streets, still living their lives, still helping other people.

To misquote Firefly: You can’t stop the city.

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