Inspired by Southern Trains

Yet another day full of delayed trains left me pondering about the fascinating stories that could grow from the chaos at London Bridge.

All Quiet on the Southern Front
The drivers are all on a training course, and an eerie silence falls over London Bridge station as the passengers realise they have no way home.

The 4.50 from London Bridge
Due to a massively delayed train, a determined middle aged lady fails to witness a murder. The killer lives happily ever after.

East Croydon is East Croydon
It’s Ramadan, and Ahmed just wants to get back to his family by the time the sun sets. But a lorry has hit a rail bridge. The dinner is on the stove, and he’s running out of time…

A Tale of Two Stations
Over at Waterloo we have the busy bustle of a major transportation hub, whilst at London Bridge the points are down and the passengers are rioting. Will the hero be saved for his one true love, or will he have to vault the barriers?

From Southern with Love
In a plush office, a sinister man strokes a white persian cat, and with one gesture of his hand brings misery to thousands of commuters. Only one man can stand against him. Bill Smith, secret agent for TfL, has infiltrated Southern headquarters undetected… or so he thinks.

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1 Response to Inspired by Southern Trains

  1. mounain king says:

    i think sothin treins har paid ok becuise i cuaght a trein and it wasnt lite so i think your being infare 🙂


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