The other conference experience

The conference I went to last week was a lot of fun. It wasn’t very close to my main area, but there were lots of awesome talks on plant science and animal biology. I learned how about how much energy baby dolphins can save by slipstreaming behind their mothers, how water fleas can be used to detect pollution, and how to tell if a trout is sad. It also helped that I wasn’t massively jetlagged, though I do find the artificial light of the conference centres starts to throw my body clock off almost straight away if it’s all I see all day.

Then I came back late Saturday evening, did all my laundry on Sunday, and tried to shake off the conference cold I’d acquired. Excitement! Glamour! Sock pairing!

Looking ahead to this weekend, I see that Minions will be out. Anyone fancy a trip to see little yellow dudes gargling their dialogue?

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2 Responses to The other conference experience

  1. Minions! I’m still in Scotland where it has been glorious weather and I’m a bit sunburnt! Otherwise I would be game, those yellow beings were my favourite part of the 2 despicable me movies!


  2. sjrosenstein says:

    Hope you’re having a great time in Scotland! What a week to be there. The weather seems to have broken here and we have cloud again, which was a bit of a relief. It hardly felt like England at all.


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