Bonfire night

Office tried to autocomplete the title to bonfire nightmare, which was rather overly dramatic. We went to the display put on by the local sports club last night. Since the municipal display for our borough was several miles away, and the one for Lambeth was cancelled, a lot of people went to this one. It was extremely crowded, which must have been great for raising money for the club. The bonfire was impressive, though it took quite a long time to light, and the display had the requisite number of loud bangs and pretty lights. A number of people were wearing or carrying torches or flashing lights, which seemed strange and antisocial to me – surely the point of a bonfire night is to see the, well, bonfire, not a pair of flashing bunny ears? Perhaps I am becoming too old and grumpy for these things.

Anyway, it’s nice to participate in a cultural tradition. Welcome to England, where we celebrate unsuccessful acts of terrorism!

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