Claimed published @ Nature Futures

My first story was published today! Claimed is this week’s Nature Futures story, and will appear in the print edition of Nature next week. It’s about aliens, and parasites, and maybe just a tiny bit about American politics. Some stories are just fun to write, and this was definitely one of them.

But wait, there’s more! You probably finished the story and started gnawing your nails because you liked it and all, but you just have to know why I wrote what I did or you might descend into a Lovecraftian madness. Well fear not. I’ve also written a post for the associated blog, Nature Futures Conditional, where I discuss what ideas drove the story, including some stuff I learned about snails in my childhood that permanently traumatised me. David Attenborough has a lot to answer for.

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2 Responses to Claimed published @ Nature Futures

  1. Kevin Young says:

    First off – great story! I just read it in my issue of Nature (over lunch, so go figure how that went over, snails and all …). Congrats!

    And, as icing on the cake, I noticed the name of your website – a line from one of my mother’s favorite books! Very classy. Thanks.

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