Film review: Deadpool

So now (and by now I mean two months late), by special request, I bring you a review of a movie not guaranteed to be bad.

Marvel has created an entire industry based on making a film about a white guy being given special powers and defeating the bad guy. Occasionally they have backup by groupies, who demonstrate their difference by being non-white, female, or animals. It’s basically the Disney Princess series for guys.

As you may be able to tell, I’ve started to find the repetitiveness rather tiresome, and I suspect that others have too. Deadpool is the logical endgame of the trend: it says what everyone was thinking. Starring ‘God’s Perfect Idiot’, directed by ‘some overpaid tool’ and written by ‘the real heroes here’ – okay, so no-one was thinking that last one. But it’s a lovely sly intro to a piece which proceeds to mock every standard element from a superhero picture, from the training montage (except this time it’s sex) to the fact that they can’t afford any of the main players from a more successful franchise. I loved the gleefully crass and tasteless tone, and the film is filled with great visual gags and characters (such as the taxi driver and teenage X-person) who I would have been happy to spend more time with.

The only problem is that I think, for me, this will only work once. Where can you go from here?  As they try to get every more characters in each film, are we going to see Ian McKellan being subjected to poop jokes?  Actually, I would totally pay to see that.  Maybe it could work twice.

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