Good morning internet

So I’m back. It’s been a while, which ideally would have been filled with some glorious adventure that would take at least a few thousand words to describe. What my time actually been filled with is work, reading, writing, and my eyes getting slightly irritated with too much computer use. Such is life, which is exactly why I read and write fiction. No heroine worth her salt would let several months be wasted with tasks that are, at best, going to be dismissed with a few sentences of narrative summary.

On the plus side, I received a wonderful present of classic science fiction stories and novels which I am working my way through. Some I like, some I don’t, but all are interesting. I’ve also been working on my own fiction, finishing up a novelette and making considerable progress on my novel outline. I have a couple more shorts to polish and kick out into the electronic wilderness, and then I want to settle in to the first draft of my novel. And (saving the most exciting news till last) I got another short story accepted, so watch this space for when it gets published.

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